Fears of Starting a Financial Professional Career

3 of the biggest fears new financial advisors face are (1) zero commissions, (2) robo advice and (3) fee compression--they're all pretty much CRAP! Tweet This
Fears of Starting a Financial Professional Career
Listening Time: 13:53 minutes

Show Notes:

Let’s talk FEARS of Starting a Financial Professional Career…Are any of these holding you back?

Working as a financial advisor there’s nothing like the boogeyman to come try and scare you every now and again. 🙂

From my career as a financial advisor I want to share a few “boogeyman” type myths that you may have heard about that shouldn’t derail you…

Let’s take our time a break down some of these arguments and show you why “FINANCIAL ADVISOR” is still one of the top careers in finance!

✅ Robos will not takeover. Clients still want human connection.

✅ Fee compression is a problem when you don’t provide enough value.

✅ Zero commissions are a “shell” game.

Thanks for listening.

Are you a current or aspiring financial professional?  Click here to learn more about how I’m helping you jumpstart your career!

Want to connect with me? Send me a DM on Linkedin (@dhendersonsr) or Instagram (@dominiquehendersonsr).

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