How To Become A Financial Planner: Advice for Young Professionals with Danny Harvey, MBA

The fact that you can get a minor, other programs have a major [for financial planning]...that speaks to the demand that exists for people in this industry... Tweet This
How to become a financial planner
Listening Time: 17:23 minutes

Show Notes:

This originally aired as a video on my YouTube channel which you can watch here:


I met Danny Harvey through a mutual friend for the first time a few months ago during a visit to PV to enroll my children for the upcoming academic year. We hit it off right off the bat. I recently sat down and had a conversation with him about:

(1) PV becoming the 3rd HBCU to have board registered CFP program,

(2) the right mindset to have as “tomorrow’s financial professional”,

(3) what he’s telling his students about the profession, and

(4) how the industry is changing for tomorrow’s financial professional.


Danny’s LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danny-harvey-mba/

Thanks for listening.

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