How To Stop Procrastinating And Get Work Done Productivity Tips & Hacks

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how to stop procrastinating and get work done
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Have you ever wished you had more time in a day?

Understanding how to stop procrastinating and get work done can be liberating for you.

As a financial advisor to clients and a coach to financial advisors, I’ve put together a system that allows me to seemingly squeeze more hours out of my day.

Getting more done and being more productive will only help you procrastinate less and thereby be more effective.

I share the method to my madness in the video below…

  • Have a morning routine. I have a whole philosophy around mindset and how that dictates our result. I strongly advocate employing a system or framework to start your day. Whether it’s exercise, meditation, reading, prayer, et.   Some level of consistency provides you with the discipline and momentum you’ll need to finish your day. My routine is made up of a mosaic of techniques like using the Life SAVERS technique introduced by Hal Elrod in The Miracle Morning.
  • Develop a capture system. This was probably one of my biggest wins going back to 2018 was finding a way to capture my thoughts. (EXPLAIN… You know when you have an idea and then your brain goes into the stage where you can’t remember it because you didn’t write it down. This is why you need a capture system. Some may use sticky notes, but the goal of any capture system should be EFFICIENCY. When the idea/thought/to-do hits you capture it for processing later. This is how you keep the maximum amount of RAM available for higher-level activities.
  • Stay out of your email. This seems a little weird, right? As a financial advisor, you’re like well I might miss something from a client or prospective client. Although that can happen you can use an autoresponder during the day.  If this is a concern you can turn this on when necessary. Generally speaking, though you should stay out of email because of how much a time-suck it can be. Most are there least productive stuck inside their email inbox marking things read/unread, dragging to folders and contemplating. Set a time in the morning and the end of your day to process your email.

Thanks for listening, reading and watching.

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