The Steps to Becoming a Financial Consultant: Creating Your Plan of Attack – Part 4

Creating Your Plan of Attack
Listening Time: 8:55 minutes

Show Notes:

Creating your plan of attack as a career changer is the last step you will need to take.

How to career change from [fill in the blank] to a financial consultant, coach, planner or advisor can be tough without a plan.

In the video below, I’ll walk you through the 3 major areas to consider.

The questions I think you should start with when it comes to making a plan are…

What needs to happen in your existing role?
What needs to happen with your finances?
What needs to happen with your family?

There are so more you could throw into the mix but let’s deal with those because they center around.

1. Your Current Career
2. Your Money
3. Your Family/Relationships

All these will likely play a major role in your transition.

Creating Your Plan of Attack for your current career…

Your current career may be something you can wait to get rid of and just shoot them the deuces, but in creating a proper exit plan or should I say “transition” plan you want to consider: (1) not to burn bridges unnecessarily as this could provide a great reference of your (2) transferrable skills. Are there aspects of your current career that can be used in your future career

Creating Your Plan of Attack for your money…

I’ve talked a lot about building financial runway before, like this video. The point is you will need some extra cushion in the likely event you take a pay cut to become a financial professional. The last thing you’ll want is the added financial stress along with studying for exams and learning a new career.

Creating Your Plan of Attack for your family/relationships…

I’m a bit old-fashioned, but I think sitting your loved ones or those “along for the journey” with you is a good idea. Especially if it will affect them financially or the time you’ll be able to spend them. Just being upfront and transparent will go a long way to gaining their support with your new move.

All of this should be part of your plan of transition.


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Thanks for listening, reading and watching.

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