It's your job
To Protect
The ones you love
And care for
Studies show that 2 out of 3 Americans die without a proper estate plan in place. Isn't it time that you improved that statistic?

20 Questions to Avoid an Estate Plan Disaster

Discover all you need to bullet-proof your estate plan

Estate planning is the one thing no one wants to do—unless you’re an attorney.
But when you receive that “wake you out of your sleep” call at 2 AM, things get real.
All it takes is one of those calls in your life and you remember every detail of the moment and every question you ask yourself in those moments.
“Why did this happen to them?”
“How’s the family?”
“Could this happen to me?”
“What would happen to my family?”
“Will everything be ok?”
All these questions can be answered with a bullet-proof estate plan.
And no, I’m not an attorney.
But here’s the thing, after years working as a financial advisor and getting that 2 AM call, I realize what it’s like.  
It forced me to consider the following…

I owed it to my wife and children to prepare for the unexpected in a way that protected the lifestyle I’d help create for them. 

Almost immediately, my wife and I finished our estate plan, but more importantly, I created something I still use to this day with clients to help them develop their own.

Why am I giving you the answers before the test?

Like any good teacher, I want you to be prepared.  
And also, during this exercise, you will answer all of the right questions so that you save time and money when you hire your attorney to prepare the documents for you.
There’s no benefit in you becoming another statistic of an estate plan gone bad or a non-existent one.
Nearly 2 out of 3 Americans die without an estate plan leaving the courts to make decisions about their assets, the care of their minor children and other very important matters that should be left up to you and only you.
Do you want to leave to “chance” how your final wishes are carried out?
Do you want your family to fight over what they believe you thought would be best?
Of course not.  
This is why an estate plan is an integral part of the comprehensive financial planning process.  
I’ll walk you through the 20 questions you need to bullet-proof your estate plan.  
After you complete this exercise you will feel more prepared than ever that your final affairs are in order.  


Until the end of May 2019, I’m giving all new clients of DJH Capital Management a $300 credit when they use an attorney in our network to complete their estate plan.  

I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is to see you succeed. 

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