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You might not have two brains, but it sometimes feels like it!

The war between your “fast” thinking and your “slow” thinking is a real thing.

It’s often the cause of investors performing well below what the market actually returns.

Let me explain.

The part of your thinking responsible for emotion and feeling often is very reactionary and “fast”.   It’s good for things like remembering your way to work while talking on the phone.

The part of your thinking responsible for logical thought takes a lot of energy and time to come to a conclusion.  It’s good for coming to conclusions that require process and systems.

So which do you use for investing?

Daniel Kahneman won a Nobel Prize for his work on Prospect Theory explaining this human behavior and the makers of Riskalyze developed their Risk Number® from his work.

The system gives investors a risk score based off this fact of human behavior thereby empowering them to have better investment experiences despite market volatility.

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