Finding Your Old 401(k) Can Be Like Trying to Find a Needle in a Haystack...

25 million. This is the amount of orphaned 401(k)s sitting out there...worth more than a trillion dollars.
Let me tell you why yours might be paying for a plan you're no longer in!

Dominique Henderson CFP

Hi there! My name is Dominique Henderson, founder of DJH Capital Management.

I've spent the past 20 years in financial services successfully navigating families to their desired financial goals.

So if you’re thinking​…

I don’t have all that much in my old 401(k)–so who cares?

I have something else to tell you…

Something you’re not probably thinking of.

It’s likely that your former employer could be using your abandoned 401(k) to help pay for the cost of that retirement plan.

Wait a minute…

You’re saying I no longer work there, but I could be paying for someone else to have a free ride with my money?


When you leave an employer with an account balance not “fully vested”, those balances go into a forfeiture account that can be used to (among other things) pay plan administrative expenses.

So if you’re “ok” with just contributing to the ever-growing pile of assets left with old employers subsidizing the cost of a plan you’re no longer a part of…


Look.  I understand your dilemma.  

When you leave an employer, the last thing you probably want is to deal with more paperwork with their name on it.

Even when you leave on the “best of terms” those notices to rollover your funds just become another “to-do” on a already very long list, right?


I’m not here to beat you up, but to offer you some help…

Let me help you up

Let's Talk About What your Time is (Really) Worth...

The last thing you want is to: 

  1. dig out that statement,
  2. call the number, and
  3. wait on what seems like infinite hold

Just to find out that you’re missing a piece of information or don’t have all you need to get your money.  It’s like going to the DMV! 

Let’s be honest, this is why you put this kind of stuff off, right?

It becomes a hassle just trying to understand what’s included in this imaginary checklist of items that need to get done just to get YOUR money.

What is an hour of your time worth?

If an hour of your time is worth $200, $100 or even $75…you’ll want to spend it wisely.  There’s nothing like flushing money down the toilet!

It’s probably not hard to fathom that in the 30 minutes it will take to make the phone call plus the time it takes to complete the items on the imaginary checklist, you could have been enjoying several other activities. 

So I have a solution…

What if there was a way to handle this tedious procedure with peace of mind knowing it was done correctly while spending the minimal amount of time doing so?

Would you be interested?  Of course you would.

Again, what is an hour of your time worth? 

Enter my value proposition to you in 3 easy steps:

  1. Scan your statement securely into our client document vault.
  2. Have your portfolio analyzed against your own personal risk score (a proprietary method to capture your tolerance for risk vs. return) so we can design a custom portfolio solution for you.
  3. Get the results explained to you in a 30-minute complimentary strategy session.

Or you can just as easily…

Sit on hold for 30 minutes with your old 401(k) plan administrator trying to get the balance transferred over to you.

So here’s a short explanation of how we do it…

In your complimentary strategy session, you’ll get:

  • an explanation of each investment,
  • why it was chosen, and
  • how it will help you reach your retirement income goals.


After all, this is about you, right?

Furthermore, you’ll get monthly reporting on how the plan is working in concert with your “Retirement Income Map” (an illustration we prepare for you designed to help you see the probability of you successfully achieving your financial goals.)

Sounds too good to be true, right?

What’s the Going Rate on Certainty?

With recent market volatility, I’ve been offering these 30-minute strategy sessions to provide additional perspective so you can feel more certain about reaching your goals. 

Why would I do this?

Because that’s what provides value to you and the families I serve. 

Trust me. You will be a much better version of YOU when this is taken care of and being monitored by someone that cares.

Let’s face it.

Excluding even a small portion of your hard-earned assets from your retirement plan can make a BIG difference to what you end up with in retirement.

If you want a proper start to 2019 by getting your old 401(k) assets working inside a custom plan for YOU, and not sitting around in your old employer’s plan, give me a call.

It’s your money.  You earned it.  Let’s put it to work for you!

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