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We’re only concerned with you being the best version of yourself–
and we uncover what your money needs to do so you get the most out of life!
How do you achieve those results? Here’s our formula…

Our Philosophy

Genuine relationship created from a place of mutual understanding. Expert guidance to remove emotional and cognitive bias from your decision making. Being morally, ethically and legally committed to serving your best interest through financial stewardship.

The end result? Clarity. Trust. Abundance.

Leading to your Prosperity.

Our Values

“We help uncover what your money needs to do so that you get the most out of life.”

Our Process

“No gimmicks. Just real talk. Here’s our process explained…”

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We’ll spend 15-30 minutes to understand what you’d like to accomplish by working with a financial advisor.


You complete prospective client questionaire.


We’ll spend 30-45 minutes taking a deeper dive into who you are and what drives you. We’ll uncover any passions you have and how they form the goals you want to achieve.


Create wealth management proposal.

Proposal review

We’ll spend 30-45 minutes framing your ideal life. The goal of this meeting is to discuss how the proposal will delivery what you want.


Accept proposal and complete client onboarding .

Our Services

We understand that life is not linear…that’s why we provide you a wealth management experience regardless
of what stage life finds you in…

Advisory & Oversight

We provide guidance and oversight through an ongoing process, helping you grow your net worth and increase your quality of life.


Benefits X-Ray

Often employer benefits plans are complex and difficult to understand causing you to leave money on the table.  We’ll comb through your benefits with a fine tooth comb so you maximize what is rightfully yours.

Investment Positioning

Investment management is much more than a 401(k) review.  We track investment and asset performance with industry leading software so you can be confident on whether you will meet your financial goals.


Tax Strategy

The dynamics of tax planning should be a part of every financial plan.  Since many advisors never explore the full potential of tax planning, we differentiate by providing this throughout the advisory relationship.

Equity Compensation

Options, restricted stock units, deferred comp and other types of equity compensation can have you scratching your head.  We’ll help develop a plan to not only build wealth but monetize that wealth with the least amount of tax burden.

Estate & Asset Protection

Estate preservation is an ongoing process. A thorough plan should be implemented as soon as possible and reviewed periodically, especially when a major life change occurs such as marriage or divorce.

Our Fees

Under $500,000 in investable assets

Initial Planning Fee
Starting at $1,000


Annual Retainer
From $1,200 to $12,000/year*

Over $500,000 in investable assets

Based on portfolio size
$0-10MM (100 bps or 1.00% per year)
$10MM+ (negotiable)

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"Financial services should be about service."

-- Dominique Henderson, Founder

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