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financial professional?

If you’re curious about what success looks like as a financial professional…



Hi, I’m Dominique Henderson.

I’ve been a financial professional for the past 20 years and I’m launching a “movement” to expose you to this industry, share best practices and accelerate your growth.

I’ve always believed that we need more good men and women to help all the clients that want to create the financial future of their dreams.  So, in short…



Here’s how you can be a part of this movement…

  1. Join the YouTube community by subscribing to my channel.  Play close attention to the playlists I’ve built especially for you to give you insight into the industry.
  2. Join my mailing list.  This is a monthly digest with brain food to accelerate your journey to becoming a financial professional.  Click here for a sample of the brain food we’re dishing.
  3. Join my Facebook group.  In the Facebook group you’ll get access to exclusive content such as live coaching calls and interviews with industry professionals.

Group Coaching for Facebook Participants...

I cover a variety of topics on our monthly calls…

  • tools you need to differentiate yourself as a financial professional;
  • strategies to fast-track your career progress;
  • client case studies from my 20 years in the industry;
  • and much more!

    Check out this blog post:  “3 Tips on How to Become a Financial Advisor”…click to read


Dominique Henderson CFP

After coaching dozens of advisors, I can’t think of a better way to provide the industry with great men and women to serve the public with financial advice.

Dominique Henderson, CFP®

Founder, DJH Capital Management

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