Want to create generational wealth?

Then you need to…“Become the Bank”

I literally spend years in financial services before I discovered this concept of how to “become the bank”.

Frankly, I was disappointed that after years of schooling and practice in financial services, I never was taught this concept. All it took was one weekend of reading this book.

Afterward, with pit bull-like tenacity I devoured everything I could find on the concept of infinite banking and started my own personal family bank less than 45 days later. I will send you the full memo I sent to my clients with all the details.

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I want to help you create generational wealth that will change your family tree. I actually don’t mind if you do it without working with me. I truly feel this is information that everyone should know.

This is why I created the following videos to give you a primer on what I learned (and now practice) on the unconventional way to build wealth and why traditional, conventional methods are designed to keep you broke.


Principle #1:

Understand What Your Most Important Asset Is

Principle #2:

Understand How the Money Game Works

Principle #3:

Understand The Power of Compounding

Principle #4:

Understand How to Earn Actual not Average Returns

Principle #5:

Understand the Power of Becoming Your Own Bank

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