Client Experience Vs Customer Service – 5 Tips for Financial Professionals

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Show Notes:

I want to break down my 5 steps to creating a great client experience—what I call the WOW factor (wonderfully overwhelmed) What is the difference between customer service and client experience.

What makes that interaction good or bad? It is how you feel. Feelings influence buying decision and then we use our logic to justify our decisions. So whenever you can provide a great experience it will be remembered. So how do you do that?


  1. Be Comprehensive– I like the comprehensive approach because it leaves no stone unturned. If you have a siloed approach you can miss opportunities to provide great service. I like to focus on 4-5 aspects of an individual’s financial picture and they are the following: (1) Cash mgmt, (2) Investment positioning, (3) Tax strategy, (4) Asset protection, and (5) Non-Cash Compensations & Benefits. This allows me to see all the different pieces of a client’s life and help them “talk” so that wealth and utility can be maximized.
  2. Be Curious- If you are genuinely interested in forming a deep relationship with your clients, it will show. You can’t expect them to have a good experience if every interaction results in some type of transaction. What about birthdays, anniversaries? How do you react to their wins/losses/challenges in life? Are you empathetic?
  3. Be Ready to go above and beyond- I think this goes without saying, but the goal is to provide more value than what you are receiving as payment. My honest belief is that as financial advisors we have the power to change the trajectory of someone’s life and that cannot be valued. But it is imperative that we create a process or framework by which to deliver that type of experience. A lot of this comes in the form of proactive vs. reactive service to the client. Can you get the answer faster? Or do something that saves them time on their end?
  4. Be Straightforward- Beyond honesty and integrity be firm on any positions you take. This definitely means that when you screw up, be the first to apologize when you make a mistake. I’ve found that clients don’t require perfection, just honesty. You won’t have a spotless record but you must be the time of person that your client can trust will do the right thing when called upon whether it is uncomfortable for you or not.
  5. Be Thinking of What you Like- This may seem a bit counterintuitive but think of how you like to be treated and do the same. It is the golden rule (more or less). If you like quick responses to your inquiries develop a system to respond to client inquiries and provide them with status updates on items you are working on or they are waiting on.

Thanks for listening, reading and watching.

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