How To Determine Your Risk Tolerance for Investing with Dr. Brad Klontz

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How To Determine Your Risk Tolerance for Investing
Listening Time: 31:10 minutes

Show Notes:

It’s not often you get to sit with an expert on how to determine your risk tolerance.

Whether your an investor or a financial professional, getting risk tolerance right in your investment strategy is a major component of successful financial planning.

I recently got a chance to have a great conversation with Dr. Brad Klontz, one of today’s leading experts on risk tolerance.

We are able to cover the following during our conversation:

  • Dr. Brad’s personal money story
  • Thoughts for how to talk about risk with wealth management clients
  • The dangers in trying to “automate” risk management in portfolios
  • The most important question to ask clients when it comes to risk
  • How to avoid bias in your own investment strategy
  • Parting words of wisdom for tomorrow’s financial professional

Check out Dr. Brad’s book on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2LehWpd

Thanks for listening.

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