How To Manage Life and Business–Finding the Balance as an Entrepreneur

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Finding the Balance as an Entrepreneur
Listening Time: 28:26 minutes

Show Notes:

Do you want to know how to manage life and business?

As an empty-nester, entrepreneur and financial advisor and husband of 22 years, I had to bring on my 1st lady (Briana Henderson) to talk about finding balance in the entrepreneur life.


Here are some of the topics we hit…

✅ What everyone is up to

✅ What is the key for a “thriving” relationship with hectic schedules?

✅ What makes this work for us since it’s not always perfect?

✅ Why “time is currency” in a relationship (especially our own)?

✅ How you avoid “avoiding” one another when there are no more kids to care for?

✅Some tips to help keep the relationship thriving!


Thanks for listening.

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