Becoming Qualified to Give Advice

How do you decide among the alphabet soup of certifications, exams and designations which is right for you?
If you’re asking this question then you’re in the right place!  
In this course, I break down the bare essentials of licensing all the way to the professional’s gold standard.  Upon completion you will understand exactly what you will need to do to get qualified to become a financial professional.  Click here to register for a free preview of what is inside.
(Note:  This is the one of four courses designed to help you jumpstart your financial services career which can be purchased for a total of $1399.)  
As a premium access subscriber you will receive:
  • Unlimited live trainings. I hold 3-4 trainings per month normally priced at $29-49, and you can attend as many as you want! Check out the training schedule.
  • Office Hours Support. You’ll get your own private communication line with me (via Slack) to help you integrate everything you’re learning in your course.
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