Technology’s Impact on Financial Advice featuring Calvin Williams, Jr.

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Impact of Technology
Listening Time: 29:42 minutes

Show Notes:

When you want to talk about the impact of technology (automation and digitization) on the financial advisor of today or tomorrow it might be a good idea to talk to a computer scientist.

That’s exactly what I did in this convo with Calvin Williams, Jr. (owner of the first black-owned robo advisor–Freeman Capital.)

Our conversation covered so many topics like:

  • How was money talked about when you grew up?
  • How Calvin views the impact of technology on the advisor of tomorrow…
  • What will A.I.’s impact be on human advisors? And where’s the opportunity?
  • Advice for human advisors…
  • What role does traditional learning have in today’s society of technological advances…
  • Looking at the future of finance with A.I. and humans…

Calvin’s Instagram Profile
Calvin’s Website

Thanks for listening.

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