The Impact of Financial Literacy in the Economy with special guest Julie Kalkowski

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The importance of financial health
Listening Time: 31:03 minutes

Show Notes:

I met Julie Kalkowski after I reached out to her after reading an article in Creighton’s Alumni magazine about the tremendous work she’s doing to promote financial wellness in the Omaha area.

Through several self-initiated grants, she has helped hundreds of individuals gain valuable perspectives on their financial health and also found data on how this relates to physical wellness.

Her work has several implications on how financial services will be both received and delivered in the future and I wanted to bring her on today to talk about that.

  • How Julie developed her career in financial education/literacy
  • Tell us about the study and the impact on the financial services industry
  • The tools and methods that are being effective in helping drive outcomes in the study
  • What should tomorrow’s aspiring financial professional understand about financial health?
  • What makes a good financial coach
  • and much more!

Julie’s Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/julie-kalkowski-503ab545/
Financial Hope Collaborative’s Website: https://business.creighton.edu/community-connection/financial-hope-collaborative

Thanks for listening.

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