The Steps to Becoming a Financial Consultant: How to Find a Mentor – Part 2

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For the month of March, we’re going to tackle the question of how to become a financial consultant.

So many of you have reached out for advice, so I’m going to provide you with the exact steps you need to take to begin a career as a financial consultant by showing you “how to find a mentor.”


Step 1:  Find a Model

You need to find someone that you want to be like. This means you will likely need to read and research to find out what type of financial professional you want to be. Recall last week that we talked about the 2 paths. You need to find someone to emulate whether that be in an article, on social, at a conference, etc.
After you find someone and what exactly about them attract you, you need to…

Step 2:  Approach them

Now don’t go right into the approach. Do your research. Follow them on social if they are active and find out what they like. Find a common touchpoint of they produce content and how you might have a convo with them. Then reach out to them through DM or email with a direct ask. Don’t be generic with “what is the # 1 piece of advice you have”.
I’ve talked about how to structure your ask in this video.

NOTE: If this doesn’t work, pause and try again in 2 weeks. Don’t spam them. You should be trying to connect with more than one person anyway.

Step 3: Follow their advice

If you end up having a meeting and they agree to mentor you make sure you follow their advice. There is nothing worse than getting to this point and then wasting time. Of course, if they have a recommendation you disagree with that is something else, but make sure you do what they say.

Now here’s a really simple method to find a person…

  1. Find your local FPA chapter and buy a ticket to the next luncheon
  2. Before you arrive, spruce up your LinkedIn profile using this video’s tips.
  3. While you are there, sit at a table with total strangers and get everyone’s business cards. Feel free to do this with as many people as you like.
  4. Send a LinkedIn DM after the event that says something like…..
  5. If they respond, use the direct ask for mentorship.

This a sure-fire way to find a mentor and if it doesn’t work after 3 tries, do it until it does.

If you’d like to learn more about how to decide your route, you can register for a free preview of my course “How to Jumpstart Your Financial Services Career” at djh-capital.com/jumpstart

Thanks for listening, reading and watching.

Are you a current or aspiring financial professional?  Click here to learn more about how I’m helping you jumpstart your career!

Want to connect with me? Send me a DM on Linkedin (@dhendersonsr) or Instagram (@dominiquehendersonsr).


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