The TRUTH About the Financial Advisor Career Path with Ash “Cash” Exantus

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Financial Advisor Career Path
Listening Time: 44:55 minutes

Show Notes:

This originally aired as a video on my YouTube channel which you can watch here:

​I met Ash Exantus by watching one of the many interviews he’s done​ for social media. Without a doubt, my #1 takeaway—→​ HIS ​ENERGY.

His energy and passion for financial education and literacy were infectious and contagious.

At that point, I reached out and several DMs later, we have ​this opportunity to talk about:

  • His humble beginnings in the projects of New York…
  • The origin of his work ethic
  • Why entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone
  • Why he got into financial coaching and left the “regulated” world of financial services
  • Why everyone one that earns money needs a financial advisor
  • and much more!

Ash’s Instagram Profile: https://www.instagram.com/iamashcash/
Ash’s Website:  https://www.iamashcash.com

Thanks for listening.

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Caleb Howell
Caleb Howell

Hello, My name is Caleb Howell and I am currently a full time online college student and working full time at the college in order to receive free tuition. I was wanting to start my own firm and pursue a career as a financial planner and become a CFP but I am now considering becoming a financial coach instead. In the video, Ash said he is a financial coach but is still pursuing a CFP. If that is the case, should I still continue my formal education to get the CFP marks or just not worry about a college degree.… Read more »

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