Walk-Away Wealth Wilson in “Financial Jargon vs. Financial Advice”

Walk-Away Wealth Wilson gets bombarded with financial jargon when he's just looking for help. Has this happened to you before?

The financial services industry spends billions of dollars a year on marketing to perpetuate the elusiveness of “financial jargon,” making finance harder to understand than it needs to be.

I often speak with people who have a pretty good feeling that they’re doing the right things when it comes to their savings and investing. But, even for responsible folks, there’s always a hint of uncertainty because of the ocean of information available to them.

How do you avoid being overwhelmed?

Design a process that brings the most important things into focus. That’s how you provide yourself with clarity.

Without a process, you may end up doing Task #7 before you do Task #1, resulting in opportunity costs and tradeoffs that you may not see for years to come.

A lot of my clients are medical sales professionals who are hustling to meet quarter-end and year-end quotas. Their work will result in large cash payouts that they’ll use to come closer to the goals we’ve created together.

But, here’s the question for you…

Will your windfall just result in more “noise” due to lack of process, focus and clarity—OR will it bring you closer to your goals?


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