Walk-Away Wealth Wilson in “Never Walk Away From Your Money”

Walk-Away Wealth Wilson has an encounter during his busy travel schedule as a medical sales professional and learns to "never walk away from your money".  Let's see what happens...

I’ve noticed that right after summer, between September and January, two things happen to most people:

  • a lot of money is spent on back-to-school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (HOORAY for retail stocks)


  • the annual open enrollment comes (and goes).

Here’s what that might mean for YOU…

The other day, I was sitting down with a client who works at Stryker. Over the course of our conversation, we found a way to save her $4,568 annually from the Benefits X-Ray I conducted. Believe it or not, this $4,568 in savings can be used to fully fund her son’s education when he turns 18.

There’s a caveat, though…

She can only realize these savings if she makes a change during her annual open enrollment period. So, there is a timing component at play here. We’ll make sure to capture that opportunity before it expires.

Many people walk away from opportunities exactly like this—usually without ever knowing it.

So, over the next 30 days, I’m offering a Benefits X-Ray to you as a free gift to show you how much I like you (smile) AND to help you accomplish your goals by simply redirecting some of the money you’re already earning.

If you’re like me, you realize that money never replaces time, but it’s good to have a nice pile of the green stuff, too!

I’ve freed up some 30-minute time slots next week just for you… Click here to schedule or select a time below..

P.S. Have you seen this video? 2 quick tips to optimize your cash flow in 153 seconds.

Something in this story strike a nerve?  Let’s chat.

Use scheduler below to find a convenient time for us to talk.  I look forward to meeting you!

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