My name’s Dominique Henderson.

I’m a financial advisor, I’m a husband,

I’m a family guy, I have
three beautiful children.

I live in Dallas, well
actually, a suburb of Dallas,

30 miles south of Dallas, in the sticks.

But what I do is help
people with their financial
matters in life.

And rather than talk about why

you should work with me
as a financial advisor,

I’ve just been doing this for so long,

after two decades in the business,

it’s like, you know,

what would cause our paths to intersect,

I think is a better discussion to have.

And I think there’s three ways.

The first could be that
you need affirmation

because things are going so well, right?

Things are going so well, you’re like,

is this too good to be true?

Let’s get an objective second opinion

on how things are going, and
if they can be maintained,

or sustained for you know, a period beyond

what is going on right
now, maybe in the future,

or something like that.

The second thing is there’s an event.

There’s a sudden event

that may bring in cash flow,

or may detract from your cash flow.

So you could have a death, a disability,

a major event like that,

a divorce.

So then you want to bring in an expert

to make sure that

you don’t make an
emotionally charged decision

that’s gonna cost you in the future.

And I would say the third way

is life just starts to get complex.

Just gradual, on the
hamster wheel type stuff.

Then you look up and
you’re making six figures,

and you’ve got a little bit
set aside in retirement,

and taxes start getting more complex.

You got kids going off to college,

you just got a lot of plates to juggle.

And you’re like, you know
what, I think I need to

bring in an expert and
sort this stuff out.

And what I think that all boils down to,

if you just kind of look at
the top one percent of people

that are really successful,

and strip away everything else,

what do they do?

Well, they leverage advice.

And what I mean by that is,

they realize there’s something
that they do really well

and they continue to do that.

And they get compensated for that.

They don’t detract their
focus or distract their focus

from things that they don’t do well.

They don’t YouTube “how to invest,”

they don’t Google “where do
I put my mutual fund money?”

They don’t do that kind of stuff

because at the end of the day,

there time is worth way
more than what they would be

spending on trying to figure
it out and save money.

So I would just say that
if our paths intersect,

it’s because you probably fall

into one of those three buckets.
And I would be happy to speak with you
about your particular situation

and customize something for you.

Enjoy the rest of the
videos on this website.

We’ll talk a little bit about our process,

and some things that might
be of importance to you.

Take care, bye-bye.

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