You should be making the money you deserve helping the people you want!

The truth is though...

As a career changer you’re finding it difficult to know where to begin.

Although you should already be on your way to becoming a financial professional, you are still making the time for money trade in a career that doesn’t fulfill you.

The problem is that you’re up to your ears in information.

What you’d like instead is help to decide on the correct path, even if it meant you had to pay a little more or study a little harder, right?

The fact is...

Kathleen felt the same way, check out her story…

You may be like Kathleen in that you realize that becoming a financial professional means investing in yourself.
Now although you may have already purchased CFP courses or even passed the exam, the reason you are still in your current job AND not a financial professional is because you don’t know where to start.

The truth is:

Your desire to help people achieve a better outcome with their money is not enough.

Sadly enough, desire alone will only cause you to stall your career.   
You should realize that thousands of well-meaning people with lots of desire have made some or all of the following mistakes, that I want you to avoid:

MISTAKE #1 – Prioritizing education over experience.

MISTAKE #2 – Overlooking the banking channel as an opportunity.

MISTAKE #3 – Not getting a mentor.
When you avoid these 3 big mistakes you drastically increase your chances of becoming a financial professional a lot sooner.
InThe Financial Services Industry from A to Z”, I cover exactly how to avoid these mistakes so that you:

-identify the correct path you should take;
-understand all parts of the financial industry to determine the “best” fit for you; and
-gain the knowledge of what it will take to get started

The best part for you is that you will learn all of this from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you have an internet connection)–in one 60-minute, LIVE training! 😉

Here's the thing...

Each live training is created with you in mind. So you can ask all the questions you want and leverage my 20+ years of industry experience.

If you’ve said or thought ANY of the following things, you should join me in the live training:

“I’m confused about the different types of financial professionals.”

“I’m afraid of having to “sell” in order to become a financial professional.”

“I don’t know which certifications, exams, or licenses I need to be successful.”

“I don’t have a degree in business, can I still be a financial professional?”

if you're tired of wondering...

JOIN ME in my next live training.

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