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What will


journey look like?

If you're an aspiring or current financial professional and want to jumpstart your career....keep reading!

A typical journey...

Here's the scenario...

You’re a young aspiring financial professional with dreams of success as a trusted partner for those in need of your help.
It may be a financial plan, financial product or just a mere conversation built from a great relationship that makes all the difference.  
You never know…
I’ve had a fair amount of stories from my 20+  years in the industry.
Just like this one…

Make no mistake though...

that before I got there, I had a long and curvy road to obtain the experience and expertise that my clients have come to depend on.

Who and what will shape



Let me be honest.  There’s learning the right way and learning the hard way.  And thank God they are mutually exclusive.
I’d love for you to just learn the right way and avoid learning the hard way, but at times that is necessary.
But is it?
Wouldn’t you benefit from a mentor or coach that offered expertise and wisdom to help you avoid mistakes that would sabotage your career goals?  
This is why I recommend you take a guide along your journey with you.



were abroad?

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IMG_5496 (Medium)
I took the family to Jamaica and we had a guide during our trip.  If you’ve ever spent time abroad or on a vacation, you know how helpful it is to have a guide. 
Someone that knows the best local spots to eat, shop or just avoid trouble.
Let me be your guide.
After 20 years in the industry, I’ve seen a lot and would like to share with you any and everything that will jumpstart your career in financial services.  

How Can I Use this to help


I’m so glad you asked that question (smile).

I’ve gotten tons of email, DMs, phone calls all about how to get started as a financial professional.

And I’m going to be honest…it’s not EASY.
BUT….(huge but here)
You can jumpstart your career and avoid some of the classic mistakes made by a lot of entrants into the industry.
For example, don’t you want to learn about:
  • what to say and not to say in a job interview?
  • how to handle yourself at a career fair?
  • how to create and All-Star LinkedIn Profile?
  • how to create a resume that rocks?
  • how to work the room during a networking event?
I can keep going…but you get the point.
These are all the things that are sometimes taught in a classroom, but usually come from the school of hard knocks.  
Why not learn it from a 20 year veteran of the industry?



Still reading...

You’re obviously interested at this point, and if you liked this video: 

You should get the guide, join the Facebook group and take my course.

Because it’s going to set you up for the success you want and help you avoid the twists and turns that will sabotage your career.
Maybe you’re skeptical, and I get that.  So here are some questions you might have…


Q: Who are you?  How do I know you can deliver on your results?
A:  After 22 years of marriage, raising 3 children, spending 20+ years in financial services serving nearly 300 families, earning two college degrees in finance, and creating a 6-figure business from scratch…I’ve learned a “few” things that can be invaluable to someone with an open mind.
Q: What will I learn?
A: By the time you’re finished you will “arguably” be in the top 1% of candidates.  Setting yourself apart like this takes work, but I’m going to show you how.   I’ll share all you will need to get to the next level.
Q: I’m in an environment that I may not be able to implement all the advice without approval from a supervisor, how do you handle that?
A: I feel ya.  Compliance is often the boogeyman that just needs to be told to “be quiet, and sit down”.  Before I started my own firm, I was in similar environments and know how to workaround these sometimes stringent requirements.


next steps!

Step 1 is to click below to download my “10 Tips to Jumpstart Your Career.”
Step 2 is to join my Facebook group.  You will be invited to sign up after you download the guide.
Step 3 is to sign up for my course.  It will be available late 2019.  Watch your email for more details.
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