A lot of sales gurus and marketing experts, suggest different things like…

buying leads

The problem with “buying leads” is a cold lead has no context for who you are or what you do beyond just wanting to manage their investments or sell them insurance.  That’s a problem when you’re trying to win their trust.

seminar marketing

I actually agree with seminar marketing as a solution.  It’s just that it happens to be cost-prohibitive for most advisors in their first few years of building their business.  Although the lifetime value of a client is worth it, you likely can’t afford to pay $250 or more per head to fill up a seminar.

referral marketing

Using referrals to build your business is a given, but if you’re just starting out, new clients aren’t that willing to provide you with referrals so early in the relationship before developing more trust.

Stuck (frankly).

You’re probably spending most days doing any of the following…

  • Calling uninterested prospects unaware of who you are;

  • Attending “networking” events with no real intentionality with the hopes of winning some business; or

  • Rifling through your phone for friends and family that you haven’t already reached out to

Am I right?

Now although some or all of those methods can work, what order do you do them in?

More importantly, is there a different approach so you can get optimal results from any (or all) of those methods?

The answer is yes.

However, you understand how difficult it can be when you’re still learning the “ins and outs” of the industry, right?

I have faced these questions in my own career and helped dozens of advisors with finding answers over the years.

I created the Jumpstart Coaching Lab to work “1-on-1” with advisors determined but struggling to grow their business during those tough first few years. 

The coaching lab is all about helping you perform to the best of your ability and removing all pretense and BS!

I’m all about giving you the tools to help you focus on what is essential to build a successful practice.

If you’re ready to roll-up your sleeves and get to work, click below to complete an application!

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