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Are you thinking about becoming a financial advisor?

Have you already spent hours Googling “financial advisor career”, but still trying to find out how to get started?

Are you thinking about becoming a financial advisor but don't know where to begin?


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I recommend that you register for and attend a FREE webinar called:

“How to Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes of Aspiring Financial Professionals”.

If you’ve ever asked any of the following questions:

✔️How to get started–the RIGHT way
✔️How to obtain the experience you need
✔️How to find the RIGHT organization to work with
✔️How to find a mentor using 3 easy steps
✔️What licenses, exams, and education you need
✔️When, why and how to pursue the CFP® path

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Also, I’m live every Wednesday at 6pm CST to answer your questions.  Can’t attend?  

Send me an email at feedback@djhendersonsr.com
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Are you a current financial professional trying to grow your practice?

I’ve coached dozens of advisors on the essentials of growing a financial services practice.  

I usually work with 2-3 individuals each month in my coaching lab. 

If you’re interested in learning more about leveraging what I know to help you build your ideal practice, click below.

Are you ready to start your career right now?

Every 6-8 weeks, I provide an opportunity for a group of individuals to accelerate their path to becoming a financial professional. 

It’s through my course:  “How to Jumpstart Your Financial Services Career”

You can sign up for a free preview right here.

Note:  We will begin offering LIVE TRAININGS in April 2020.  To be notified of these, make sure you enroll for a FREE preview.  You will be notified via email of the schedule for live trainings.

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Dominique Henderson, CFP®
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Attend a live online training event!

Our live trainings are 60-minute, interactive sessions (for both current and aspiring financial professionals) covering the following topics:

  • Sales & Marketing (e.g. “How to Grow Your Client Base Zero to $100K”)

  • Mindset (e.g. “Understanding Human Emotion and Buying Behavior”)

  • Client Experience (e.g. “Dissecting a Prospective Client Call”)

  • Determining Your Path (e.g. “The Financial Services Industry from A to Z”)

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