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  • As a business executive…Would you like to use your employer’s benefit programs to maximize your wealth creation potential while minimizing your tax liability?
    • WE CAN HELP by implementing a strategy to harvest restricted stock, stock options and other incentive pay in a tax-efficient manner.

  • As a small business owner…Would you like to find ways to incentivize and retain key talent through tax-saving retirement programs while maintaining company profits?
    • WE CAN HELP by implementing a customized retirement plan solution that we will monitor for all plan participants.

  • As a professional athlete…Would you like to use your wealth to provide a legacy for generations to come while providing for your current lifestyle and inevitable career transition?
    • WE CAN HELP by implementing investment strategies that preserve and grow your wealth while providing a tax-free income stream.

If you have ever found it difficult to…

  • coordinate all the moving parts of an increasingly complex financial situation;
  • sort through the jargon of the financial industry to find what fits YOU; or
  • understand why you couldn’t receive unbiased, fee-only advice like you do from an attorney or physician.

                                         YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

Our clients once shared these same feelings.   We specialize in coordinating all the parts of your financial picture that will allow you to pursue your highest purpose in life! 

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Engaging with us to create a financial plan!

We’ve created a few levels of engagement for individuals interested in working with us.  From years of experience, we understand the magnitude of the decision in “handing over your finances” to someone, therefore we have created a process that allows for flexibility. 

Q:  "I just need a financial plan.  I'm not ready to delegate, but I value a professional's opinion."

A:  In our Project-Based Planning Engagement, we will assess the complexity of your situation and give you a fixed price quote for a comprehensive financial plan.  We will complete and present the financial plan.  After which, you are free to do with it as you wish.  This option is perfect for those not quite ready to delegate duties to a financial services firm, but value the recommendations of a Certified Financial Planner™.     

Q:  "I have a pretty high level of understanding of this stuff, I just don't have the time to do this myself.  I'm ready to delegate."

A:  In the next level of engagement, our Retainer-Based Planning Engagement, we assume the role of your advisor.  We partner with any other service professionals (e.g. CPA, attorney) you may have and help to provide ongoing support for the plan recommendations made during the plan delivery and presentation.  This is the service most of our clients choose as it provides the most comprehensive support to meet your financial goals.

Q:  "I have a portfolio that I need managed and/or reviewed regularly.  I'm not good at investing and I don't even know how well or poorly I've done."

A:  In our final level of engagement, our Investment Management Engagement, we act as your investment advisor by constructing an Investment Policy Statement (a good definition by Investopedia is here) and optimal asset allocation based on your return objective.  For all asset consolidations above $2MM, we will add our Retainer-Based Planning Engagement service.  This level of engagement is ideal for individuals with the need for wealth management services provided through a traditional custodial platform.

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Although there are plenty of retirement calculators out there, most don't begin with the "end in mind".  Try out our goal-based assessment for free.

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