Who is Dominique?

Dominique Henderson Executive Bio

Husband, Father, Friend and Financial Advisor living with financial contentment.

I found a way to upgrade my life from 1.0 to 2.0 and now I give that to my clients!

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Questions and Answers...

Q:  How do you allocate limited resources across unlimited choices?

A:  Financial Contentment

Q: What's the value of advice in your opinion?

A: The value of advice should always be viewed in relation to time lost implementing the wrong solution.

Q: What differentiates us?

A:  LOL--A question I hate to answer but I'll do my best...

Q:  Describe the power of integrated advice...

A:  Since we live in a world with so much information, just having information is no longer valuable.  Value is created when the information can be integrated or synthesized into a solution that helps the client.

Q:  What's the importance of living with financial contentment?

A: Living with financial contentment is about taking what you value and supporting it with your financial resources and getting the desired results.  Often to get better results, you have to modify the behaviors that produce those results.

Q:  How do you arrive at financial contentment?

A:  Asking why should really proceed asking how.  Starting with "why" takes the focus off results and puts it on what is necessary for change--behavioral adjustments.

Q:  How did you personally arrive at financial contentment?

A:  It was a long journey...but essentially it was a process of changing what I believed about money which affected my decisions which in turn affected my results.

Q: What's your perspective on what's important in giving financial advice?

A:  It's all about keeping it client-focused...

Q:  What’s your best investment advice?  Is there a formula?

A: Stick with the things you can control like the amount of money you would like to invest and how long you want to invest.  As far as a formula...

Q:  What do you see most often with people seeking to hire a financial advisor?

A: It varies, but our ideal client values their time to the degree that they seek out the help of an expert.  They are collaborators by nature and thus value "outside" perspectives.

Q: What do you see as the future of the advisor-client relationship?

A:  I see the future of the relationship as two goal-striving individuals willing to collaborate together.

Q: What's your process for bringing on a client?

A:  We use a simple 3 step process of introduction, discovery and presentation.