Who is Dominique?

Husband, Father, Friend and Financial Advisor living with financial contentment--
now I offer that same freedom to my clients!

Dominique J. Henderson, Sr. began serving the financial industry in 1998. Ever since elementary school, he knew he had a mission to help people “win their money”.

A product of a military family, he spent his teenage years all over the world including West Germany and Hawaii which served him well in accepting all people from diverse backgrounds. After high school, he attended Prairie View A&M University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. He later earned a Master’s in Finance from Creighton University.

Professionally, Dominique has spent nearly two decades in financial services building a diverse skill set in: strategy, data analysis, investment research, portfolio management and financial planning. Prior to founding his firm, DJH Capital Management, LLC. a registered investment advisory firm that provides financial planning and wealth management services, he spent years in institutional fix-income trading circles, real estate, and the back office of one of Dallas’ premier hedge fund managers.


Now as his own boss, Dominique uses his expertise to build financial plans and investment portfolios that help his clients find greater financial contentment in their lives. He deeply desires to see people “win” with their hard-earned capital.

Dominique’s financial advice has been featured on various media platforms such as US News & World Report, Yahoo, GoBankingRates.com, and Investopedia’s Advisor Insights. He also promotes financial literacy, economic empowerment, and personal development on his YouTube channel every week.  

He feels that his personal journey has equipped him with an invaluable skill set to carry out something he loves to do — help people solve problems.

Dominique considers it a privilege to serve individuals and help them reach their goals and dreams. He proudly admits that:

“Being blessed with not only the ‘know-how’ but the energy to serve clients, build a business, and create a legacy for my family is more than I can have asked for or dreamed.”

I’m only concerned with you being the best version of yourself so you get the most out of life!

Who do we help?

We like to work with individuals that need to find ways to monetize their savings and produce cashflow for an encore career or their “next” phase in life.

What happens when you’ve grown tired of where you’re working or what you’ve been doing? 

When you’re looking for more fulfillment and you want to leverage your skills to launch something new, you need to find creative ways to take what you’ve worked so hard for and make it work for you, right!

That old retirement plan, that restricted stock plan and options need a strategy so that you can provide cashflow for you future as you venture into new areas.  We can help you formulate that strategy!
As you occupy yourself with considering your next move, you need a trusted partner to help you execute your financial strategy.
When it comes to executing your financial strategy…would you consider yourself a genius or even excellent?
Most people don’t at least per a study conducted by Morning Consult for CFP board.
This is why most people require the help of outside perspective to help avoid bias and worst…the costly mistakes that bias leads to.
That’s what DJH Capital Management is all about helping you with…perspective.  

How do we help?

By providing value immediately.  

During our second meeting, we’ll create your Financial Planning Engagement.

We’ll also introduce you to our philosophy that we believe will help you reach your financial goals.

Genuine relationship created from a place of mutual understanding. Expert guidance to remove emotional and cognitive bias from your decision making. Being morally, ethically and legally committed to serving your best interest through financial stewardship.

The end result? Clarity. Trust. Abundance. Leading to your Prosperity.

Our Values

We’re only concerned with you being the best version of yourself– 

so we uncover what your money needs to do so you get the most out of life!

Here's Our Process...

No gimmicks. Just real talk. 

Here’s our process…

This is how it works...

Step 1. Discovery

Step 2. Proposal

Step 3. Onboarding

Step 4. Implementation

You have questions? We have answers...

What are the proper questions to be asking about your retirement?
How are portfolio returns really generated?
How do employee stock options work?
How do you avoid very common mistakes in your investment strategy?
Does crypto belong in your investment strategy?
What you should do if you make too much to contribute to a Roth IRA.

Let's Create Your
Financial Roadmap

Our Services

We understand that life is not linear…that’s why we provide you a wealth management experience regardless
of what stage life finds you in…

Advisory & Oversight

We provide guidance and oversight through an ongoing process, helping you grow your net worth and increase your quality of life.


Benefits X-Ray

Often employer benefits plans are complex and difficult to understand causing you to leave money on the table.  We’ll comb through your benefits with a fine tooth comb so you maximize what is rightfully yours.

Investment Positioning

Investment management is much more than a 401(k) review.  We track investment and asset performance with industry leading software so you can be confident on whether you will meet your financial goals.


Tax Strategy

The dynamics of tax planning should be a part of every financial plan.  Since many advisors never explore the full potential of tax planning, we differentiate by providing this throughout the advisory relationship.

Equity Compensation

Options, restricted stock units, deferred comp and other types of equity compensation can have you scratching your head.  We’ll help develop a plan to not only build wealth but monetize that wealth with the least amount of tax burden.

Estate & Asset Protection

Estate preservation is an ongoing process. A thorough plan should be implemented as soon as possible and reviewed periodically, especially when a major life change occurs such as marriage or divorce.

We understand your need for a customized approach, so we map out a plan that fits you! Ready to get started?

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